What Your Birth Month Bouquet Says About You

Flowers are symbolic blooms. More than a visual decoration, they carry meanings and symbolism. From history to literature, it’s used as a metaphor to tell a story or a message. William Shakespeare intentionally used it as a literary technique. He knew that flowers and plants exude emotions that can help him tell great stories. For him, roses mean beauty, health, softness, elegance, and of course, love.


And across cultures, flowers always play a role in expressing someone’s sentiment or feeling. Somehow, it carries mystic meanings to help someone convey their true intentions. Someone could say “Love, I love you” with full-bloomed passionate red roses. And, a showy and vibrant pansy says, “think of me”. Flowers carry words that can be hard for us to say in person. A flower (or better, a bouquet) makes it a little easier and romantic.


But, have you ever wondered what flowers would describe you?


Another thing with flowers, bud form or in full bloom, they also carry virtues. They symbolize traits you can identify yourself with. A botanical tradition says that the virtues of each birth month bouquet or flower are innate on individuals who are born with the same birthdays.

Like a birthstone or a zodiac sign, do you want to know what are your birth month flowers are?


Here at Country Greenery, we want you to discover what your birth month bouquet and to help you pick the right flowers for someone who is dear to you. Read on and find out more.




With farm-fresh combination flowers, the January bouquet is full of dainty colors. But what stands out most are the daisies infused with hints of blue—the color of the sky and sea. With its colors, it’s a birth month bouquet that carries the virtue of trust. Born at the dawn of a new year, as this January birth bouquet, you are a dependable person, full depth like the sea and the sky. You are a person that values stability, trust, and faith.



Filled with a captivating combination of red flowers, the February bouquet represents love. Like this birth month bouquet, February-born romantics are grounded with love and affection. You show appealing energy that attracts anyone. You are filled with desire and determination to achieve whatever your heart desires.



This month is a dawn of a new season. It’s a promise of rebirth and growth. And this March birth bouquet represents all of that. With a well-blended color arrangement of pale pink, white, peach, and green, it symbolizes the look of harmony. Like your birth month flowers, you embody that calming appeal. You want a well-balanced life, but it should always have a sense of new bloom on it.



The April birth bouquet is full of bright yellow-colored flowers; one of them is fresh daisies—the April flower. It’s a flower that symbolizes purity and innocence. These are virtues that tell about you as a person who seeks supreme happiness. With child-like energy, you are full of bliss and appreciation for life.



A bouquet that shows unreserved luxury and royalty, May birth bouquet represents the color of purple—a combination of calming stability of blue and the powerful energy of red. Like this set of flowers, you have a luxurious taste. Not just with a natural good taste, you have an innate wisdom to choose what’s best for you and your ambitions.



Combined with an eccentric but captivating mix of orange flowers, the June flowers are all about strength. Like the main color of this birth month bouquet, June-born realists are guided by their strength and resilience. You are a combination of the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. You are filled with the desire for adventure that hones your inner strength.



With farm-fresh flowers, July bouquet is a combination of flowers that represent clarity and calm. Infused with blue, like this bouquet, you exude the calmness of the sea.  You are generally a positive person. Most of the time, you are described by your family and friends as kind and helpful. And, you find happiness in giving.  You are a person that wants new experiences and always faithful.


The August birth bouquet represents growth, with green as its core color. A creative arrangement, it looks harmonious.  Like your birth month flowers, you embody those virtues—a love for learning and well-balanced life. You are a curious person who is passionate to learn more about what life can offer. You seek excitement by knowing you’re better than yesterday.



The September birth bouquet exudes nothing but happiness and cheerfulness. With bright yellow-colored flowers, it’s made for you and your charming energy. You have a spirit of a sunflower—always friendly and ready to brighten someone’s day. Your presence naturally brings bliss to anyone who’s around you. Like this September bouquet, you are full of charm and creativity—traits that make your life full of wonders and opportunities.



A bouquet that is nothing less than magical, October birth bouquet has the color of purple. It’s a color that’s all about power, luxury, and ambition. Like this birth bouquet, you carry those virtues with every decision you make in life. You are conscious of your decisions, knowing that your choices have power on how your life will turn out. You are strategic and wise.



Arrange with orange in mind, the November birth bouquet carries your birth flowers that symbolize joy and strength. You are a combination of those traits. You naturally bring happiness to anyone because of the strength you extend to them. You are a reliable person for people around you. For some, you are their joy and strength.



December born is zealous individuals. The December bouquet represents the passion you carry within you. Like the symbolism of this birth month bouquet, you do everything with excitement. And for you, as long as it is done with passion—and whatever else makes sense. You show everyone that true passion is found within you. You color your life with colors.


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