Roses are for Everyone: 5 Ways to Use Rose Bouquets

What exactly is it about roses that has captured our imagination though the ages? No flower is more synonymous with love and passion than the rose— a bit of baggage that carries both advantages and drawbacks. While a rose bouquet comes with a romantic reputation, a rose-focused arrangement can also feel a little old fashioned. While roses might seem like old news, we serve them up farm-fresh and worked into inspired arrangements. If you're not 100% on Team Rose yet, let us convince you of all the reasons why these glorious, fragrant flowers deserve a place in your vase.

We might be a little biased, because we can think of endless ways to use rose bouquets, but if we had to narrow it down to just five, these are the top uses we suggest for rose bouquets. 

1. Instant Mood Elevation 

Let's face it, most of us are feeling the longterm effects of distancing these days, and any pick-me-up is more than welcome. It might not offer the same sensation as a heartfelt hug, but a thoughtful bouquet of our farm-fresh flowers will last longer, filling a room with joy for up to two weeks. A nondescript desktop or dimly lit corner is instantly brightened with a rose delivery. A little natural beauty goes a long way towards making us smile, and those smiles are good for our health. So, yes, you could say that fresh flowers offer health benefits. Country Greenery offers monthly or biweekly deliveries that can keep you feeling uplifted all the time.

2. Give Indoor Environments a Visual Boost 

With an unprecedented number of Americans working from home, it's safe to say that many of us are getting a little cabin fever. The same four walls can get a little monotonous, no matter how much you love your space. If your background feels blah and your livestreams are a little limp, adding some blooms to your Zooms might be just the glow-up you've been waiting for. For those working in an office, chances are there are fewer people on shift than ever, making it feel a little lonely. If you or a colleague could use a little touch of workspace wonder, Country Greenery can deliver just that, right to a doorstep near you. The pick-and-pack bouquets we offer are sustainably grown and come straight from the farm, bringing an instant dose of nature to your indoor environment. 

3.  Send a Vividly-Colored Vibe

“The red rose whispers of passion, And the white rose breathes of love; O, the red rose is a falcon, And the white rose is a dove.” 
– John Boyle O’Reilly

While people have been using long-stemmed red roses to say "I love you" forever,our rose bouquets invite you to use your imagination. Our artful arrangements showcase roses in a wide range of colors, complemented with flowers in contrasting tones and textures. From pink and lavender blooms interspersed with creamy hydrangeas and emerald eucalyptus to energetic orange and yellow buds surrounded by green mini carnations and white sinensis, each of our bouquets offers a different look and feel. Creamy pale blooms and blush pink buds offer soothing calm and effortless elegance while high-intensity corals and fuchsias offer punchy drama and give any room a celebratory air. Yellow roses traditionally are a symbol for friendship, while red roses are unabashedly romantic. No matter what feeling you wish to convey, we've got a bouquet that can say it perfectly. 

4. Make an Appearance from a Distance

Humans have been using flowers to offer condolences and congratulations for thousands of years, and in that respect nothing much has changed. However, in this current pandemic environment, we're staying physically apart even for monumental events like milestone birthdays and weddings. Not being able to show up in person to admire a newborn baby or toast to a loved one celebrating a special event is unfortunate, but sending a bouquet is a way of making an appearance from far away. Bonus points: no matter how much your loved one appreciates your presence, the rose bouquet you send will stand in for you far longer than you would be welcome to lurk in their home. Because we ship flowers fresh off the farm within hours of being cut, they arrive still in bud form, giving them the longest life possible. Most of our bouquets last 7-10 days, but two weeks is not unheard of. In other words, you presence will linger for a sweet, long minute. Until we're able to gather again, a colorful rose arrangement is probably the next best thing to actually being there. 

5. Sweetening the Air

Aromatherapy uses the luxurious fragrance of rose oil to reduce anxiety and depression, meaning that catching a whiff of a sweetly-scented rose bouquet can give you a quick mood boost, too. Even if you don't suffer from mood disorders, the sweet smell of roses makes any space more inviting and delightful to be in. Not only do we have physiologically positive responses to the fragrance of flowers, but the presence of distinct smells can help to improve memory and performance. The visual enhancement offered by a rose bouquet combined with the heady aroma it releases may help create positive associations around the smell. For anyone feeling a bit low, this small change in the environment may make your workspace feel a little more welcoming and the work day may pass a bit more easily.

With 45 years of serving customers farm-fresh flowers, Country Greenery promises to deliver the freshest, longest-lasting blooms to you or the recipient of your choice. When you order roses from us, they are cut fresh the day before they are delivered. There is no middle man, no sitting on a shelf, and no waste in our process. Our flowers are sustainably-sourced, so they are as beneficial for the earth they come from as they are for the people who receive them.

Shop our fresh rose bouquets and add some color to your life.

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