Caring for Farm Fresh Flowers

Flowers. Who doesn’t appreciate receiving a bouquet of fragrant and colorful blooms to brighten your day? Whether it’s for a special occasion or celebrating the end of the workweek, flowers have the power to move us. There’s a reason why nearly two-thirds of recipients say that it makes them feel special. What’s more, is that almost everyone remembers receiving them.

They make that much of an impact.

Farm-fresh flowers from Country Greenery say it in even a more significant and more meaningful way. Unlike many florists, our flowers are sustainably sourced. They also last longer because you receive them in bud form, instead of pre-bloomed at brick-and-mortar stores. The clock is ticking on the latter long before you enjoy them.

Let’s compare the two ways of buying flowers so that you can see for yourself the Alma Flower difference using lilies as an example.

Our post will cover:

  • Buying From Country Greenery
  • Caring for Your Flowers
  • Store-Bought Flowers
  • Sustainable Flowers
  • Final Thoughts
Buying From Country Greenery

Country Greenery is a new online florist with over 45 years of experience in the industry. You can shop on our site 365/24/7. Our family-owned store is always open for business.

The website has several types of lilies from which to choose, including the ever-popular Stargazer variety. They are LA Hybrid and Oriental flowers, grown in California. All promise vibrant color and intoxicating scents. You have your choice of how many stems from 4 to 45, depending on which one you choose.

Your selection is picked-and-packed per order. There is no middleman involved because you’re dealing directly with us. That means less waste. Your flowers are delivered overnight in bud form. That makes buying them just because you want to brighten the day of someone special quick and easy.

That’s the Country Greenery difference.

Your farm-fresh flowers will bloom after you receive them. That means you’ll have more time to enjoy them. You’ll also benefit from the stress relief they offer. That’s certainly something we all need these uncertain times.

Caring for Your Flowers

You’ll receive detailed instructions about how to care for your pick-and-pack order to get the most out of your purchase. First, cut the stem of each bloom to fit your vase and the arrangement. That will ensure that each one can draw up water properly.

You should also clean and rinse each stem. This step prevents bacteria from harming your flowers and shortening their bloom time. Next, place them in a vase with fresh water. We suggest washing it thoroughly. Mist them to remove dust and prevent them from drying out before they open up to reveal their true beauty.

To keep them looking their best, you should change the water in your vase every day. It’s also a smart idea to cut back a bit on the stems in case they have closed, which can interfere with uptake. We also suggest that you place them out of direct sunlight, which can hasten their demise.

Let’s compare this process with the same one going through a florist or supermarket.

Store-Bought Flowers

When you buy from a brick-and-mortar store, you don’t know how long the flowers have sat in water. While many have a long bloom time, others are short-lived. You may only have a day or two to enjoy them before they start to wither.

You also have no idea when someone last changed the water in their containers or cut the ends of the stems. Remember that the longer it sits, the higher the risk of bacteria and other debris from contaminating the liquid and thus, shortening the life of the flowers.

Many products are sold as premade bouquets. You don’t have the opportunity to pick the number of stems you want—or the ones that are past their prime. You may not have the color or selection, either. 

The chances are that the only care instructions you’ll receive are what’s written on the back of a packet of powdered plant food to put in your vase. This mixture of bleach, citric acid, and sugar can sustain the flowers’ life for a bit. However, it doesn’t replace the daily care that will keep them in bloom longer.

Nonetheless, there’s more to buying flowers. It’s also about the impact of what you buy on the environment. After all, even this natural product has a cost.

With Country Greenery, you have a choice.

Sustainable Flowers

All of the items that Country Greenery sells are grown in the United States. That’s an essential point, considering the carbon footprint of flowers sold by florists. The statistics will surprise you.

In 2017, the floriculture industry raked in $35.2 billion, with many businesses sourcing their products overseas. Columbia alone shipped over 4 billion flowers to the US that year. Transportation stresses the flowers and adds precious time to when you can buy them. 

Sometimes, it can take up to five days before they make it to the florist’s shop.

Let’s take a typical Valentine’s Day and its environmental impact. Roses, of course, are a perennial favorite. However, that comes at a price. The cost of 100 million flowers is 9,900 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

That’s the equivalent of burning 10,908,442 tons of coal.

However, it doesn’t end there. When you buy farm-fresh flowers, you are making a choice for sustainability. That means living in harmony with the environment and limiting the negative impacts on future generations. Therefore, your decision to buy from Country Greenery is an eco-friendly one, too.

Final Thoughts

While some may consider flowers a luxury, they offer many intangible benefits that make having them around a comfort. They can help us start our day on a positive note. That vase of colorful blooms may also boost our productivity. Then, of course, there is their breathtaking beauty.

Nevertheless, it’s a smart idea to weigh the costs of our choices. With Country Greenery, you can rest assured that you’re making an eco-friendly decision with sustainable, farm-fresh flowers. You’re also supporting the national economy with a purchase that will pay for itself in countless ways. At the very least, you’ll get the most value for your money with flowers that last.

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